Customer Education in Omnichannel Marketing – A Systematic Literature Review.


  • Beata Stefania Gotwald Wydział Zarządzania Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego Autor

Słowa kluczowe:

customer education, customer behaviour, systematic literature review


Purpose – The text aims to present the results of the analysis on the state of knowledge on Customer Education (CE) and propose future research directions in marketing area. The filtering criteria was the chance to apply the gathered information in the marketing area.

Research method – The method of the systematic literature review was applied. Regarding customer education keywords, I examined two databases (SCOPUS and Web of Science). Then the results were analysed with the assistance of VOSviewer and using content analysis (qualitative research). A total number of 79 articles was analysed.

Results – Customer Education (CE) is rarely examined, especially in marketing. The concept evolves from instructions to co-creation. Bibliographic analysis shows the relation of CE with CX, customer satisfaction and loyalty to the organisation when it aims for internal and external customers.

Originality /value/implications/recommendations – Due to the novelty of the problem and its development in business, it is worth stimulating debate on CE in science. The paper aims to fill a gap in literature reviews on the issue and might be a voice in pointing out future research directions. Future research can gravitate toward new channels of CE, learning communities, and the relationship between CE and: customer behaviour, CX,
application of AI and data mining, and usage of learning management systems (LMS).


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