1. The Editorial Committee assesses articles in terms of their content and form.
2. At least two independent reviewers from outside the scientific institution with which the authors are affiliated are requested to provide their assessment.
3.  Authors and reviewers remain anonymous to one another (so-called double blind review process). Otherwise, reviewers sign a declaration which states that there is no conflict of interest between them and the author(s).
4. Reviews have a written form and clearly specify whether or not the article is accepted for publication.
5. Criteria for qualification or rejection of publications are available in the attached document 'Review Form'.
6. The accuracy of the statistical methods used by authors is verified by the statistical editor.
7. The list of reviewers who assess articles in a given year is published annually, in the final issue of the journal and on the internet website. The names of the reviewers of particular publications or journal's issues are not disclosed.
8. The editors emphasise that ghostwriting (failure to acknowledge the name of the actual co-author of a publication) or guest authorship (claiming that someone is the author of a publication although their contribution was in fact negligible) are regarded as a violation of scientific integrity and that all such cases will be exposed.
9. The journal's reviewing procedure is consistent with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, described in the booklet entitled  Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce
(Good Practice in Reviewing Procedures in Science), Warsaw 2011.

List of reviewers in 2012-2019