Informations for authors

Please familiarise yourselves with our recommendations for authors. Please enclose a completed and signed license agreement and author's statement (linked at the bottom of this page); placing ORCID ( .

Submission and Publication Requirements


  1. Optimum.Economic studies is a general economics journal whose purpose is to document scholarly research and provide a platform for the exchange of opinions concerning mainly the methodology of economic studies, the theory of economics and management, the theory and practice of economic integration, economic policy, environmental economics, and sustainable development.
  2. The editorial board accepts only original texts in Polish or English, written specifically for Optimum.Economic Studies. The submissions can have the form of science papers, research reports, reviews, information on conferences, symposiums, or seminars.
  3. A text can be qualified for publication on condition that it receives positive reviews. Details regarding assessment are available under the Reviewing tab.
  4. In view of the current standards concerning the ghostwriting prevention procedure introduced by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for science journals in order to warrant the authenticity of authorship, the authors of articles submitted for publication in Optimum. Economic Studies are obliged to:
    • provide information about the contributions made by all the co-authors (including their affiliation and indication of the authors of the conception of the paper, as well as the assumptions, methods, etc. used in the course of the work).
    • provide information about the sources of financing, contribution of scientific institutions, associations and other subjects (financial disclosure).
  5. Submissions should be sent via Template in English. Texts should be accompanied by a completed signed copy of license agreement and author declaration (linked at the bottom of this page).
  6. The submissions qualified for printing are subject to scientific and technical editing, as well as proof-reading. For this reason, the editors reserve the right to shorten the accepted manuscripts, change their titles, and introduce editorial corrections in accordance with the standards of the journal.

Editorial requirements

  1. Submitted texts should be preformatted as described in the editorial template (Template in English) in a text editor that is compatible with Microsoft Word.
  2. Scientific papers and research reports should be clearly divided into parts (introduction, chapters, sub-chapters, conclusion, references). It should be attached to them: summary (with: purpose, test method, results, originality / value); key words (they must contain significant terms from the title and the abstract; general terms, plural terms and multi-word terms should be avoided (avoid, for example, "and", "from"); JEL classification codes.
  3. The size of an article should not exceed 30,000 characters, while the abstract should not be longer than 0.5 page.
  4. Figures and tables should be provided in an electronic version, preferably not shaded.
  5. Information regarding sources should be given in the following format: [Kowalski, 2018, pp. 14-17], and in joint publications: [Macroeconomics…, 2018, pp.14-17].
  6. References should be listed in alphabetical order according to one of the following formats: "author, title, publishing house, place of publication, year of publication" or "title, name of editor(s), publishing house, place of publication, year of publication". Electronic documents should be described in a way that will make it possible to easily find the website from which they are obtained; it is necessary that the retrieval date is provided.

A submission should comprise the following kinds of files:

FILE 1. Author's details

FILE 2. Main text of the article

FILE 3. Figures and tables

Note: Please include ORCID ( next to Author's name. DO NOT include the Author's name in FILES 2 and 3 as they will be subject to a double-blind review process.

Licence agreement (link)

Author's statement (link)


Familiarise yourselves with our Ethical Guidelines.

Files to download:

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