The role of insurance in the development of the financial sector

  • Maryna Karpitskaya Faculty of Economics and Management, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno
  • Pavel Barysenka Faculty of Economics and Management, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno


The study examines trends in the financial sector of the Republic of Belarus and determines the role of insurance in its stabilization. An analysis of the current state of the insurancemarket is carried out and the problems are identified in the article. The factors which influence the level of consumption of insurance services are represented in the article. The development of insurance protection has been analyzed through the introduction of additional obligatory insurance types. The mechanism is developed within the framework of the Strategy for the Belarusian insurance market development. The scientific novelty and significance of the obtained results lies in the methodological justification for the formation of an effective organizational and economic insurance mechanism within the functioning financial system framework of the Republic of Belarus. The essence and novelty of the proposal lies in the development of a structural and logical functional model of the insurance market with the use of a reinsurance pool in which the subjects are identified and their participation in reinsurance operations is determined. The scientific novelty includes the creation of an operating costs fund, which complies with European insurance legislation.

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